OTTO Engineering, 20 Meter Diver Headset, and NoizeBarrier® Range SA Tactical Over-The-Ear Headset


Over-the-Head Headset

The 20-Meter Diver headset is the right choice for water rescues, special operations, maritime security operations, underwater repairs, and more.

With Dual Ear or Single Side Headset, OTTO® offers uncompromising water-resistance solutions that function flawlessly at depths of up to 20 meters in fresh or saltwater.  The specially designed larger, over-the-ear rubber speakers and water-resistant microphone have been tested under extreme conditions to ensure the headset will continue to provide clear communications even after multiple dives to as deep as 20 meters of saltwater. The dual-ear headset includes a hard-wired PTT designed to perform at depths up to 20 meters without self-actuating. It is compatible with multiple radio platforms and ideal for all communications needs where water-resistance is a requirement.

Otto has successfully completed multiple tests for extreme depth and harsh conditions.  The 20-meter test conducted on both the Single Ear and Dual Ear headset repeats a dive to 20 meters for several minutes.

The testing includes repeated dives to 20 meters for several minutes and then returning to the surface.  The test includes a significant temperature differential between the headset and the water to ensure that the headset will not leak from the combination of temperature variation and extreme pressure.  This headset is built and will operate through multiple missions.


    • Large rubber ear cup speakers deliver superb audio communications and block out unwanted noise.
    • Speakers fit through the washable mesh and elastic headband for a precise fit over the ears.
    • Flexible electret boom microphone can be precisely positioned for ideal communications clarity.
    • Washable Velcro® head strap and elastic headband ensure a secure, comfortable fit.
    • Hard-wired, ruggedized push-to-talk (PTT) will function dependably at depth but will not self actuate.
    • Designed to fit under a helmet or cap.


    • Immersion tested and fully sealed per IP68 standard: withstands total submersion.
    • Microphone sensitivity rating at 94 dB SPL: -35 dB Typical
    • Cable pull from ear cup, axial: 20 lbs; from the connector, axial: 40 lbs.
    • Operating and storage temperature range: -40° C to +70° C
    • Tested in accordance with MIL-STD-810G standards
    • 3-year warranty


NoizeBarrier® Range SA

Tactical Over-The-Ear Headset

The NoizeBarrier® Range SA was originally designed for military use and is the premier headset for true firearm professionals who need advanced hearing protection but without radio communication capability.

Whether you are at an outdoor/indoor range or a tactical shoot house, the NoizeBarrier® Range SA features 360˚ advanced situational awareness and industry-leading hearing protection for any live-fire training activity.

The NoizeBarrier® Range SA combines performance with extreme comfort. The ear seals’ shape was explicitly designed with the best ergonomic principles in mind, allowing the headset to be worn all day without discomfort. The design allows for a smooth shouldering of your firearm, and the headset fits well with safety glasses and other equipment.

OTTO® has collaborated with tactical operators to design and engineer a headset that meets modern firearms user demands. The results are 360˚ advanced situational awareness and industry-leading hearing protection. The crystal-clear audio and precise situational awareness deliver an unparalleled soundscape experience for maximum safety and performance.

Sophisticated technology automatically dampens loud or impulse sounds without clipping or cutting out, while situational awareness microphones amplify normal-level sounds and nearby conversation.

Features :

    • Microphones built into each ear cup amplify barely audible low volume sounds, allowing users to hear the “important noises” and provide accurate sound localization, letting users stay alert and responsive to the surrounding environment.
    • Easy-access controls mounted on the left ear cup adjust the volume to five different levels.
    • Ultra-soft, comfortable Comply™ foam ear cushions form a tight seal around the ears to significantly reduce the effects of unsafe noise levels. Snap off to easily replace in the field when needed.
    • Can be configured to receive radio transmissions from speaker mics and surveillance kits to maintain discreet communication in a tactical environment.
    • Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, and Olive Drab Green.


    • Talk time of 72 hours with 2 AAA batteries. Clarity of situational awareness does not degrade over the entire life of batteries.
    • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): 23dB
    • Compliant to MIL-STD-810G specifications
    • Automatic shutdown after 2 hours of idle time
    • Optimal operation and storage temperature range: -40° C to +71° C
    • USA Country of Origin. TAA, BAA, MIL-STD-810G, and Berry Amendment compliant
    • Meets IP68 standard to withstand full immersion to 1 meter for 31 minutes
    • 1-year warranty

UTS Systems TM Series Shelters

UTS Systems is a U.S. based, veteran-owned company that provides both modular and expeditionary shelters to today’s Military. The shelter systems provide tactical command posts, base camps, hospitals, and CBRN collectively protected shelter systems.

The UTS TM Series shelters are a durable, robust, man-portable system that is the cornerstone of many military deployments.

The TM shelters range in size from the TM18, the smallest unit, at 190 square feet, to the TXL120, the largest unit, at 1,380 square feet.  Each of these systems requires only a minimal team of 2-6 people to set up. None of the shelters require power, special tools, or even a ladder for complete assembly in less than 10 minutes.  Once assembled, the units enable complexing to create structures, including tactical command posts and hospitals.  All of the shelters include pass-through ports/sleeves on end walls with ECU/cable ducts.

The UTS TM Series shelters incorporate a unique external frame design. Combined with the thermal fly, they provide superior thermal resistance for a 26% reduction in energy consumption over similar size shelters, as tested by the U.S. Air Force Research Lab. The system can achieve a 40-degree temperature difference with one 5-ton ECU supplying two 650 square foot shelters.

UTS systems also transport containers, electrical generators and power boxes, integrated LED lights, complexing/connecting equipment, and litter racks.

The UTS TM series shelter systems are a great solution to quickly setting up your team shelter and getting on with the mission.

Switchblade® Modular Pack System

For years, the Department of Defense has been chasing a “Family of Packs”; a single pack adjustable for the wide variation in mission profiles and load carriage requirements.  Catoma® may be one of the first successful manufacturers to tackle the requirement with its Switchblade® Modular Pack System.  One Frame, Any Fit, Any Load, Any Mission is the mantra for Switchblade® Modular Pack Systems.  The sky is the limit for the Switchblade® System. Catoma® has designed systems for 2, 3, and 4 man teams for mortars and munitions while also creating modular components for weapons, communications, and multi-day sustainment.

The patented Switchblade® frameset is at the heart of the Switchblade® Modular Pack System.  The frameset is a combination of the framesheet, shoulder straps, waist belt, and the frame pad.  The framesheet is built of carbon fiber composite but is adjustable vertically and horizontally.  This individually adjusted frameset can lock into a wide assortment of packs, including various team pack kits.

A great example of a team pack system is the M240 3-man team pack system.  The Gunner Pack Kit includes the Frameset and the Assault Pack.  The Assistant Gunner Pack Kit consists of the frameset, Molle Panel, two 300-Round Pouches, Barrel Quiver, Raid Pack, and Hyrdosleeve. In comparison, the Ammo Bearer Pack Kit includes the Frameset, Molle Panel, two 300-Round Pouches, Raid Pack and Hydrosleeve.

Other individual and team kits include 81MM Mortar Packs, 60MM Mortar, Gustaf Pack, Sniper Pack, a small Raid pack at 45L, and the larger Assault Pack at 60L+.  Don’t forget all of these are using the same frameset that is adjusted to fit you.


If you need a truly modular pack system that allows for diverse load carry solutions, you have to consider Catoma Switchblade® Modular Pack System and their options!



Benchmade® Adamas® Family

No matter the mission, specific unit SOP requirements, or knife-type preferences, the Benchmade® has you covered.  The Adamas® family is a performance-driven military grade knife.


Shane Sibert designed the Adamas® 375 fixed blade combat knife. The black or FDE finished D2 steel drop point blade has a plain cutting edge and serrations on the spine. The handle is skeletonized with optimally positioned grooves. The Adamas® fixed blade knife also comes with a black injection-molded sheath with secondary locking strap and tension screw for secure storage and custom-tuned deployment.  You can also use 550 paracord to customize the grip or use for added texture and grip circumference.

Adamas® 375 Specs:

Designer: Shane Sibert
Mechanism: Fixed
Action: Fixed Blade
Blade Steel: D2 (60-62 HRC)
Blade Length: 4.20″ (10.67cm)
Blade Thickness: 0.170″ (4.32mm)
Overall Length: 9.03″ (22.94cm)
Handle Thickness: 0.17″ (4.32mm)
Weight: 5.60oz. (158.76g)
Sheath Weight: 1.11oz. (31.47g)

Shane Sibert also designed the Adamas® 275 & 2750. They are the manual (275) and automatic (2750) versions of the Adamas® that features a black finished D2 tool steel blade with the option of a plain edge or partially serrated blade with black or FDE machined G10 handle with lanyard hole and full stainless steel liners. Both folding models allow for easy pocket carry and feature a reversible tip-up pocket clip.

Adamas® 275 &2750 Specs:

Designer: Shane Sibert
Action: Manual-opening
Blade Steel: D2 (60-62 HRC)
Blade Length: 3.82″ (9.70cm)
Blade Thickness: 0.160″ (4.06mm)
Open Length: 8.70″ (22.10cm)
Closed Length: 4.88″ (12.40cm)
Handle Thickness: 0.73″ (18.54mm)
Sheath Weight: 1.50oz. (42.52g)

Weight: 7.68oz. (217.72g)
Mechanism: AXIS®

Weight: 7.54oz. (213.76g)
Mechanism: Auto AXIS®

XGO® Extreme Hot Weather Combat Shirt

XGO® has been a leading provider of tactical high-performance base layer and apparel located in central North Carolina (just a few miles west of Fort Bragg). Since 2005, XGO® has been proudly providing the best next-to-skin base layers to the US military, government services, law enforcement, and first responders.

The XGO® Extreme Hot Weather (EHW) OCP/MultiCam® Combat Shirt is an innovative lightweight, functional jungle/hot weather combat shirt.

The body of the XGO® EHW Combat Shirt incorporates a cutting-edge Flame Retardant (FR) mesh fabric designed to allow for enhanced airflow and increased breathability. This FR mesh utilizes XGO’s Acclimate® Advanced Cooling that is activated by moisture, providing the wearer a cooling sensation of up to 4 degrees.  The treatment of Acclimate® Advanced Cooling makes it ideal for extremely hot or jungle/tropic environments.

The sleeves of the XGO® EHW Combat Shirt are FR Phase 2 OCP/MultiCam® fabric. A knitted fabric that cuts down on weight without sacrificing functionality.  These combat shirts come equipped with zipped sleeve pockets for storage, woven abrasion-resistant elbow reinforcement, Velcro® patches, Acclimate® moisture management, and Ag47® anti-microbial/anti-odor.  The XGO® EHW Combat shirt also has rolled shoulders with flat seams that cut down on friction and irritation, underarm gussets for increased mobility, and added length to ensure the shirt stays tucked in.

Extreme Hot Weather Combat Shirt

FR Body Mesh with added Advanced Cooling

Gear Specs

    • Layer: Next-to-skin (ideal under vest/plate carrier) or Standalone
    • Fit: Athletic/Trim Fit – Men’s Sizing/Fit 
    • Weight: 5.5oz/sq. yd / 155 grams (Sleeves & Body)
    • Fabric:A patented blend of Mesh Modacrylic & FR Rayon
    • Fabric: Sleeves – FR Phase 2
    • Fabric: Body – FR A1R Mesh
    • Sizing: Body Length (Size Large) – 31” / 77 cm
    • Sizing: Sleeve Length (Size Large) – 35 1/2″ / 90 cm
    • Temp Range: Hot to Extremely Hot temps/environments


    • ASTM D6413 Standard – No Melt/No Drip
    • Army OCP/MultiCam®
    • Air Force OCP/MultiCam®
    • Acclimate® Advanced Cooling – Perspiration activated. Refreshing feeling up to 4° degrees
    • Mesh Body – highly breathable with increased airflow
    • MultiCam®Sleeves & Body – UPF (Sun Protection) Rating – 35+
    • MultiCam®Velcro patches (both arms)
    • Accessible zipper storage sleeve pockets (both arms)
    • Stretch woven elbow and forearm patches for added support against elements
    • Ag47®Anti-Microbial Protection
    • Superior Acclimate®Dry Moisture Management
    • Rolled Shoulders and Mesh Under Arm Gussets – Increased Mobility & Breathability
    • Zipper “garage” covers zipper eliminating irritation under the chin when fully zipped
    • Clean Seam®Next-To-Skin Comfort, Extra Length (Body), Durable, Breathable & Won’t Shrink
    • 100% USA Made
    • Berry Compliant

The XVL2 Pistol and Carbine Light and Laser Module

The XVL2 isn’t just another weapon light; it is a unique pistol and carbine light and laser module system.  The XVL2 weapon light hit the streets and battlefields at the request of our nation’s finest military and law enforcement service members.  SureFire® has developed this extremely versatile lightweight dual led white light with an infrared illuminator.  It can mount on a pistol or carbine rifle and attaches securely to both Universal and Picatinny accessory rails. Additionally, the XVL2 comes equipped with built-in co-aligned green and infrared lasers.


One of the key attributes built into the XVL2 is the high output Max Vision Beam™ of 400-lumens.  The light has a peak beam intensity of 820 candelas out to 54 meters in the face of the adversary!  Another handy gunfighter feature is the integral ambidextrous momentary and constant-on tail cap switch conveniently located for index finger access.  The body of the XVL2 is constructed of mil-spec hard-anodized aluminum and allows battery (123A lithium) changes without removal or re-zeroing of the system.


Your unit or agency can equip the XVL2 with a remote pressure switch.  The Remote Switch Pistol, RSP, and Remote Switch Rifle, RSR, offer additional options to activate the light with finger pressure without moving a finger from the grip.


The SureFire® name has always developed and delivered top-notch weapon lights and lasers, but they have perfected this accessory.  The XVL2 pistol & carbine light and laser module system is a must.  Every warrior out there should possess one of these.

CQB Stocks Designed for Confined Spaces

By now, many of you are aware of Maxim Defense™ and its offerings.  Maxim Defense™ is a non-traditional U.S. based firearms development company centered on producing better, lighter, and more reliable firearms and accessories that exceed in today’s most extreme environments. Headquartered in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Maxim Defense™ provides research and development and manufacturing superiority for U.S. and NATO military forces, government agencies, and homeland first responders.


Depending on your mission or operating environment, Maxim Defense™ has something that can increase your lethality.  They are most well known for their CQB stocks; these stocks are great for operating in confined spaces or limited storage space.  They provide you with the ability to deploy or manipulate your weapon quicker and get on target faster.



The Gen 6 series stocks are shorter in their collapsed position and extend to standard full-length stock and buffer tube.  The Gen 6 stock has no buttons to push and can be extended by simply pulling the stock.  The buffer tube housing incorporates two quick detach sling swivel locations.


The Gen 7 version has the same length of pull and operation as the Gen 6.  But the Gen 7 has a more streamlined design that removes the right and left side quick detach sling swivel locations and incorporates a single ambidextrous quick detach sling swivel location.


Most of their compact stocks will require proprietary buffers and buffer springs and even the bolt with some models.


However, their Combat Carbine Stock or CCS will work with even your MIL-STD buffer and buffer springs and net you about an inch of length savings.  The main point is if you need a stock that’s easily deployable, that will allow you to work or carry in confined space, be sure to take a look at Maxim Defense’s line of stocks.


Maxim Defense™ also makes full up compact weapon systems, many of which operate the same as any standard AR platform in a few different calibers from 5.56, 300 BLK, and even 7.62 x 39.  They also make handguards, rails, and rail covers that are top-notch along with their parts and accessories like their popular HATEBRAKE.  Ultimately, Maxim Defense™ is a “must look” to determine what will work for you and your mission requirements.