UTS Systems TM Series Shelters

UTS Systems is a U.S. based, veteran-owned company that provides both modular and expeditionary shelters to today’s Military. The shelter systems provide tactical command posts, base camps, hospitals, and CBRN collectively protected shelter systems.

The UTS TM Series shelters are a durable, robust, man-portable system that is the cornerstone of many military deployments.

The TM shelters range in size from the TM18, the smallest unit, at 190 square feet, to the TXL120, the largest unit, at 1,380 square feet.  Each of these systems requires only a minimal team of 2-6 people to set up. None of the shelters require power, special tools, or even a ladder for complete assembly in less than 10 minutes.  Once assembled, the units enable complexing to create structures, including tactical command posts and hospitals.  All of the shelters include pass-through ports/sleeves on end walls with ECU/cable ducts.

The UTS TM Series shelters incorporate a unique external frame design. Combined with the thermal fly, they provide superior thermal resistance for a 26% reduction in energy consumption over similar size shelters, as tested by the U.S. Air Force Research Lab. The system can achieve a 40-degree temperature difference with one 5-ton ECU supplying two 650 square foot shelters.

UTS systems also transport containers, electrical generators and power boxes, integrated LED lights, complexing/connecting equipment, and litter racks.

The UTS TM series shelter systems are a great solution to quickly setting up your team shelter and getting on with the mission.