Switchblade® Modular Pack System

For years, the Department of Defense has been chasing a “Family of Packs”; a single pack adjustable for the wide variation in mission profiles and load carriage requirements.  Catoma® may be one of the first successful manufacturers to tackle the requirement with its Switchblade® Modular Pack System.  One Frame, Any Fit, Any Load, Any Mission is the mantra for Switchblade® Modular Pack Systems.  The sky is the limit for the Switchblade® System. Catoma® has designed systems for 2, 3, and 4 man teams for mortars and munitions while also creating modular components for weapons, communications, and multi-day sustainment.

The patented Switchblade® frameset is at the heart of the Switchblade® Modular Pack System.  The frameset is a combination of the framesheet, shoulder straps, waist belt, and the frame pad.  The framesheet is built of carbon fiber composite but is adjustable vertically and horizontally.  This individually adjusted frameset can lock into a wide assortment of packs, including various team pack kits.

A great example of a team pack system is the M240 3-man team pack system.  The Gunner Pack Kit includes the Frameset and the Assault Pack.  The Assistant Gunner Pack Kit consists of the frameset, Molle Panel, two 300-Round Pouches, Barrel Quiver, Raid Pack, and Hyrdosleeve. In comparison, the Ammo Bearer Pack Kit includes the Frameset, Molle Panel, two 300-Round Pouches, Raid Pack and Hydrosleeve.

Other individual and team kits include 81MM Mortar Packs, 60MM Mortar, Gustaf Pack, Sniper Pack, a small Raid pack at 45L, and the larger Assault Pack at 60L+.  Don’t forget all of these are using the same frameset that is adjusted to fit you.


If you need a truly modular pack system that allows for diverse load carry solutions, you have to consider Catoma Switchblade® Modular Pack System and their options!