Catoma® – Switchblade® M240 Ammo Bearer Pack Kit

The MAG (Minimalist Assistant Gunner) Pack was designed in response to the specified need for a more efficient way to carry and deploy ammunition for two man machine gun teams. Through the course of field testing, both a 2-man team and 3-man team variant have been developed. This system is designed to be used by the Assistant Gunner or Ammo Bearer much like an assault-style pack. This pack provides a no non-sense, highly efficient way to carry 600-900 rounds of 7.62 NATO belted ammunition organized in easy-feed pouches instead of loose belts or ammo cans. The reinforced polymer pouches come in both 100 round and 300 round capacities, attach by MOLLE, and can be reconfigured or replaced if needed. The MAG Pack also features a small pouch for sustainment items (holds 2 MRE’s), a system for carrying the M192 tripod, and a removable MOLLE equipped hydration pouch. The MAG Barrel Quiver that makes up the front of the pack is equipped with heat resistant material (up to 1800 degrees F) for storing hot barrels and is fitted to carry both the short and long barrels for the M240. Pair these features with the patented CHIEF frame (Patent # US 8,678,258 B1), and you’ve got a truly ground-breaking load carriage system for the Assistant Gunner.


Weight: 13.8 lbs. // 6.3 kg
Weight w/ 300 rd Pouches: 11.6 lbs // 5.3 kg
Capacity: Up to 900 rounds belted 7.62 NATO


  • Frameset
  • Molle Panel
  • (x2) 300-Round Pouches
  • Raid Pack Body
  • Hydrosleeve