The XVL2 Pistol and Carbine Light and Laser Module

The XVL2 isn’t just another weapon light; it is a unique pistol and carbine light and laser module system.  The XVL2 weapon light hit the streets and battlefields at the request of our nation’s finest military and law enforcement service members.  SureFire® has developed this extremely versatile lightweight dual led white light with an infrared illuminator.  It can mount on a pistol or carbine rifle and attaches securely to both Universal and Picatinny accessory rails. Additionally, the XVL2 comes equipped with built-in co-aligned green and infrared lasers.


One of the key attributes built into the XVL2 is the high output Max Vision Beam™ of 400-lumens.  The light has a peak beam intensity of 820 candelas out to 54 meters in the face of the adversary!  Another handy gunfighter feature is the integral ambidextrous momentary and constant-on tail cap switch conveniently located for index finger access.  The body of the XVL2 is constructed of mil-spec hard-anodized aluminum and allows battery (123A lithium) changes without removal or re-zeroing of the system.


Your unit or agency can equip the XVL2 with a remote pressure switch.  The Remote Switch Pistol, RSP, and Remote Switch Rifle, RSR, offer additional options to activate the light with finger pressure without moving a finger from the grip.


The SureFire® name has always developed and delivered top-notch weapon lights and lasers, but they have perfected this accessory.  The XVL2 pistol & carbine light and laser module system is a must.  Every warrior out there should possess one of these.