The SOPMOD Buttstock

The Lewis Machine & Tool®, LMT®, SOPMOD buttstock was derived out of the Special Operations Peculiar Modifications program.  It was a true public/private partnership that teamed private business to manufacture new solutions to increase weapon performance for Special Operations Force’s requirements.  One of the block 2 program goals was to create an improved buttstock that would advance ergonomic and performance standards.


LMT® was the commercial force behind the development of the SOPMOD buttstock.  The stock incorporates an enhanced cheek weld and a rubberized buttpad.  The better angle on the cheek helps gain a more natural shooting position and incorporates two watertight tubes for battery storage. Together the enhanced cheek weld and rubberized buttpad reduce the overall felt recoil and improve second shot consistency.


The stock utilizes glass-reinforced polymer that is stronger than a standard M4 buttstock.  The tube is cut to military specified extension tubes and has a tight tolerance to eliminate any rattle or sound.  The gen2 SOPMOD stock incorporates two quick detach sling swivels for sling attachment.


Bottom line: The LMT® SOPMOD stock is an operationally-proven buttstock that reduces perceived recoil and improves accuracy.