Magpul® Back-Up Sights (MBUS®) Pro

When situations arise and a shooter’s primary rifle optic malfunctions, gets damaged, or loses battery power, it could become a life or death situation. However, running Magpul® MBUS® Pro sights as a back-up will keep the shooter in the fight and confident in their weapon. The shooter can quickly reengage offensively when resorting back to old school standard iron sights. However, the MBUS® Pro front and rear sight combination are superior to traditional iron sights.


The MBUS® (Magpul® Back-Up Sight) Pro is a corrosion-resistant all-steel sighting solution that delivers maximum functionality and strength and mounts to a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny or STANAG 4694 rail with minimum bulk. The sleek combo has positive detents that keep the MBUS® Pro Front and Rear at standard M4/M16 height when deployed.  The MBUS® Pro has a small footprint on the rail while offering a very low profile, even compared to its Gen 2 Polymer MAGPUL® brother.


The user can mount the MBUS® Pro sight to a gas block without melting or deforming due to the all-steel construction.  The sights have a narrow base to make them compatible with most IR aiming laser and light installations for the professional user. Additionally, the elevation adjustment knob & windage knob can be turned by hand and require no tools to manipulate. The rectangular front sight post also has a selectable Standard & Match option.


Another MBUS® option is the Pro Offset Sights. These come in handy when the primary optic malfunctions or gets damaged. This 45-degree angle provides the shooter with an accurate iron sighting solution.

The REAR sight, with its sleek low profile, has sturdy positive detents in both up & down positions. In either mode, the desired position remains with no likelihood of slipping. However, making adjustments by hand takes a fair amount of finger strength. The MBUS® Pro Front & Rear combo weighs in at 3.3oz with hardware. The MBUS® Pro set up can be bought either in individual components or as a set.


MAGPUL® Gen M3 Magazine

With a few modifications to the combat-proven MOE® (MAGPUL® Original Equipment) M2 PMAG®, the Gen M3™ takes a great design and adds additional improvements. The Gen M2 MOE® and the Gen M3™ are primarily designed for the AR15/M4 weapons. The Gen M3™ has a modified internal and external geometry also permits operation with a wide range of additional weapons such as the HK® 416/MR556A1/M27 IAR, British SA-80, FN® SCARN MK 16/16S, along with others.

The MOE® MAGPUL® set a new standard moving away from the aluminum USGI magazine while offering a cost-competitive upgrade. The new Gen M3™ still comes in a robust impact-resistant polymer construction. It also includes the dual-sided transparent windows to enable rapid visual identification of an approximate number of rounds remaining. The window incorporates new material technology and manufacturing processes for enhanced strength, durability, and reliability to exceed rigorous military performance specifications.

Like the MOE® PMAG, the GEN M3™ features a long-life USGl-spec stainless steel spring, four-way anti-tilt follower and constant-curve internal geometry for reliable feeding, and simple tool-less disassembly to ease cleaning. Also added is a redesigned bolt catch notch in the rear of the magazine provides increased bolt catch clearance. At the same time, an over-travel stop on the spine helps ensure the magazine will not over-insert on compatible weapons. Low profile ribs and new aggressive front and rear texture gives positive control of the GEN M3™ in all environments. A paint pen dot matrix has been added to the bottom panel of the body to allow easy marking by the end user for identification.

The new, easy to disassemble flared floorplate aids extraction and handling of the magazine while providing improved drop protection. It is slightly slimmer than before for better compatibility with tight double and triple magazine pouches. The magazine includes a pop-off Impact/Dust Cover that minimizes debris intrusion and protects against potential damage to the top cartridge during storage and transit.

The Gen M3™ magazine takes a proven design and adds amazing additions for the end-user while maintaining value to the customer. When it comes to a Polymer magazine with well-thought-out functional options, the MAGPUL Gen M3™ is a magazine well worth using. These magazines are proudly made in the USA.