Tactical Bump Helmets, Refined

In the modern ecosystem of tactical gear, helmets have evolved employing critical real estate to mount communication gear, lights, strobes, face-shields, and night vision systems. In situations where ballistic protection is not required, bump helmets can provide similar blunt impact protection and the rail real estate to mount the needed accessories.  All while reducing the weight burden carried on the operator’s neck.


Team Wendy refined this capability with their two excellent products: the EXFIL LTP and EXFIL Carbon bump helmets. The LTP and Carbon platforms are available with either Team Wendy’s 2.0 or 3.0 rail system. The Team Wendy rail system is a game-changer and allows the operator to run virtually any desired accessory.

The EXFIL® LTP (Lightweight, Tactical, Polymer) bump helmet offers a stable, comfortable platform for mounting night vision and other accessories while providing a high level of impact protection from the polycarbonate copolymer shell. The built-in night vision goggle, NVG, shroud utilizes an integrated Wilcox® machined aluminum shroud insert.


The underside of the helmet features a Zorbium® foam liner along with a CAM FIT™ Retention System. Team Wendy’s retention system utilizes easily adjustable cam lock sliders and a micro-adjustable Boa® Fit System.


The EXFIL® LTP provides ample blunt impact protection, meeting shock absorption requirements of BS EN 1385:2012 (Whitewater) while weighing a mere 1.59 lbs (.72kg) for all sizes. It is available in Black or Coyote Brown.


The EXFIL® Carbon is made of high-strength, lightweight carbon fiber and features a Wilcox® W shroud for mounting night vision devices. The sleek, engineered carbon fiber shell improves impact protection without adding a significant weight penalty.


Inside, the Zorbium® foam liner provides the highest level of comfort and ultimate impact absorption. The CAM FIT™ retention with Boa® Fit System and cam lock sliders ensure a secure fit and is compatible with tactical communication headsets.


The EXFIL® Carbon exceeds ACH Blunt Impact requirement per AR/PD10-02, 16Dec’13 – average below 72G across all impacts and temperatures, and meets shock absorption requirements of BS EN 1385:2012 (Whitewater). With all the added capability, the weight penalty is minimal. Size 1 weight is 1.66 lbs (0.75 kg) and the size 2 comes in at 1.68 lbs (0.76 kg). It is available in Black, Coyote Brown, or MultiCam®.