SureFire® – SOCOM338-TI

The highly anticipated SOCOM338 titanium suppressor for .338 Lapua sniper rifles, part of SureFire’s premium Titanium Series, is a new breed of combat-ready suppressors hewn from high-grade titanium, one of the world’s lightest and strongest materials. This ultra-lightweight suppressor is designed and built with extreme tolerances to ensure accuracy, in order to meet the demands of a precision sniper rifle, to minimize added weight to the weapon, and to be durable for combat. The concentricity of its bore even exceeds the specifications of match-grade ammo. And, as part of SureFire’s SOCOM Series—winners of the most extensive and rigorous suppressor trials in history held by USSOCOM—the SOCOM338 provides maximum signature reduction, nominal and consistent shift in a weapon’s point of impact, and greatly reduced backpressure for increased weapon reliability. And, like all SureFire Fast-Attach suppressors, it attaches/detaches in seconds with no tools required. It’s an entirely new breed in the lightestweight package available.


  • All SOCOM rifle and carbine suppressors are test fired and must shoot a group no more than 1 MOA than that of the baseline platform unsuppressed group to pass
  • Lightweight titanium construction—made from the highest quality Titanium means minimal impact on weapon-handling characteristics
  • Front plate, baffles, and lock ring machined from Titanium
  • Excellent accuracy resulting from bore concentricity that exceed match-grade ammo requirement, and back-section tolerances
  • Significant sound, flash, and dust signature reduction
  • Combat-proven, patented Fast-Attach® design provides no-tools, rock-solid attachment/detachment in seconds
  • Innovative mounting adapters feature tapered multiple bearing surface for tight mating with suppressor back section and serve as high-performance muzzle brakes when weapon is unsuppressed
  • Suppressor must shoot less the 1 MOA group and have less than 1 MOA shift from unsuppressed weapon to pass
  • Durable for long service life
  • Made in the USA

SOCOM Titanium Series Fast-Attach® Sound Suppressor (Silencer)