Source™ – Aquasource

The Aquasource 20L Hydration Pack in combination with the Vehicle Hub Station system allows troops to hydrate en route to the objective without draining their individual systems. Warfighters begin their mission fully hydrated with their personal water supply intact. The 20L Aquasource Hydration Pack can be worn as a backpack or installed in a vehicle. Combined with the VHS Vehicle Hub Station it serves as a central hydration station for up to six people.

This high performance hydration pack is backpackable, foldable and an attractive alternative to the traditional jerrycan. The Aquasource 20L is ideally combined with the WXP 20L Hydration System and the  VHS Vehicle Hub Station.


  • Inside compartment for stable storage of bladder
  • 4 rows of MOLLE webbing for attachment of pouches and gear
  • Two carrying Handles on top and one handle on front of the bag
  • Extra protected: sensitive places are wrapped with 10mm EVA foam; design to resist drops, internal and external high pressure
  • 2 vertical zippers for easy access to bladder and handling of tube connections
  • Top zipper for easy removal of the bladder from the pack
  • Inside zipped pocket to keep accessories available