Safariland® – Liberator® V

The ultimate circumaural headphones, the Liberator® V is an exceptional convergence of communications and hearing protection with key technological advancements over previous models. 100% US designed and manufactured, it has our unique Dual Fuel feature meaning it can run on either two AAA or one CR123 battery, and it is the only headset design with user audio profiles modifiable with simple keystrokes on the headset.

The Liberator® V is a secure dual communications channel headset system utilizing the newly designed multi-mode Earcup. This system gives military and law enforcement end users the confidence to utilize communications networks using mixed encryption in any tactical environment.


• First of its kind multi-mode headset: Electronic Noise Compression and Active Noise Cancellation
• R.4 dual communications Push-to-Talk available – compatible with R.A.C.E.
• Industry-leading sound localization for maximum situational awareness and threat detection
• Dual Fuel technology which enables the headset to run on either two AAA or one CR123 battery
• First headset with user audio profiles modifiable with simple keystrokes on the headset
• Upgradeable and updateable software by using Near Field Communications (NFC) technology
• Proprietary high definition speakers and speaker enclosures
• Advanced RF and TDMA PCB protection technology
• Boom microphone featuring noise-cancelling and shielding protection
• Two headset suspension options
• Modular headset suspension – User-adjustable with no tools for either over- the-head, behind-the-head, or helmet rail mounted (rail mounts included)
– Over-the-head comfort fit – Traditional over-the-head for low-cut helmets
– Proprietary Earcup design layered with sound barrier technology