The Liberator® IV is the first multi-mode, dual fuel single communications headset on the market. It incorporates the same features of the Liberator® V but in a single communications channel package. 100% US designed and manufactured tactical headset, it features a first of its kind Dual Fuel system allowing it to run on either two AAA or one CR123. The headset offers operational modes for all high noise situations. The Liberator® IV can protect against impulse noise, like gun fire, and steady state noise, like operating on a helicopter. It is the first headset with user audio profiles modifiable with simple keystrokes on the headset.

The Liberator IV is an advanced single channel headset system utilizing the newly designed multi-mode Earcup. Law enforcement and military users alike can confidently utilize this robust product in any tactical situation. This system is RF and EMI shielded to prevent bleed-through from various radio frequency sources, including those that are self-generated.


• First of its kind multi-mode headset: Electronic Noise Compression and Active Noise Cancellation
• Multiple Push-to-Talk options
• Industry-leading sound localization for maximum situational awareness and threat detection
• Dual Fuel technology which enables the headset to run on either two AAA or one CR123 battery
• First headset with user audio profiles modifiable with simple keystrokes on the headset
• Upgradeable and updateable software by using Near Field Communications (NFC) technology
• Proprietary high-definition speakers and speaker enclosures
• Advanced RF and TDMA PCB protection technology
• Boom microphone featuring noise-cancelling and shielding protection
• Two headset suspension options
• Modular headset suspension – User-adjustable with no tools for either over-the- head, behind-the-head, or helmet rail mounted (rail mounts included)
– Over-the-head comfort fit – Traditional over-the-head for low-cut helmets
– Proprietary Earcup design layered with sound barrier technology