Cinemassive – Scalable Mobile Display

Portable Video Wall Solution

The Scalable Mobile Display (SMD) is a high-resolution, portable video wall system optimized for expeditionary operations and rugged environments. The SMD can be deployed quickly and easily in any environment and packs into supplied cases for easy transport.

6x2 SMD Portable Video Wall System

Key Benefits

  • Turn-key video wall system
  • Portable, expeditionary design
  • Quick, tool-free assembly
  • Packs into cases for easy transport
  • 24/7 reliable and resilient
  • Suitable for TOC, NOC, COIC, EOC, and JOC
  • Complete kit fits in (1) ISU-90

Situational Awareness in Any Environment

While designed for portability and easy field maintenance, the SMD is a turn-key visualization system that leverages the same powerful, reliable technology as permanently-installed CineMassive systems.

Wherever your mission takes you, the SMD delivers the real-time situational awareness you need.

The SMD is TAA compliant and made in the USA.

Product Features

Includes all system components

The SMD is a complete visualization system. Every SMD system includes a set of LCD displays, CAT6 cables, an Alpha FX video wall processor, CineNet software, a mobile mounting frame, and ruggedized transport cases.

Easy to operate

CineNet software provides a user-friendly platform for controlling the SMD system, display content, and integrated systems like VTC. With CineNet, users can control content in real-time on the SMD displays or build and save layouts for instant recall. A simple touch interface provides streamlined control.

Optional upgrades and expansions

SMD systems can be customized with a range of upgrade options, including video teleconferencing systems, professional-grade audio, additional processor inputs, and a ruggedized UPS package.

Quick, easy assembly

The SMD can be deployed quickly and easily in any environment. Assembly requires no tools and can be completed by two people in under 30 minutes. All system components can be packed into the supplied cases for easy transport.

24/7 reliability and resilience

The SMD delivers 24/7 reliability and is built to withstand the stresses of expeditionary use. The Alpha FX video wall processor includes redundant, hot-swappable power supplies, and the LCD displays feature redundant power supplies in every display. All components are designed for easy field maintenance.

Choice of three display configurations

The SMD is available in three models, which feature LCD display configurations of 2×2, 4×2, and 6×2.

SMD System Components

4x2 SMD with System Components


1. Rugged transport cases

Ultra durable rolling cases house the SMD frame, displays, processor, and any additional components for easy transport.

2. Mounting frame

The SMD’s portable mounting frame can be assembled quickly and easily without tools.

3. LCD displays

Slim-bezel LCD panels create a bright, multi-HD display system for your critical data. The displays feature CAT6 video inputs and redundant power supplies in every display.

4. Alpha FX video wall processor

The Alpha FX processor provides powerful, flexible processing for the SMD. It can display content of up to 4K and accepts digital and analog content sources.

5. CineNet software

CineNet video wall software provides user-friendly control over the SMD system, display content, and optional equipment like VTC and audio systems.

6. System control equipment

Every SMD system includes a 10” touch panel for system control.

Optional SMD System Components

Video teleconferencing system

Upgrade your SMD with an integrated VTC system, including cameras.

Audio system

Add an integrated, professional-grade audio system, including speakers, microphones, and a dedicated Digital Signal Processor (DSP).

Processor input expansion packages

Upgrade your Alpha FX processor with an expansion package of 8 or 16 additional input sources.

Spare parts package

Add a spare parts kit, including a replacement LCD panel and case, spare Alpha FX processor components, and more.

SMD Models

The SMD is available in three display configuration models – 2×2, 4×2, and 6×2 – which feature four, eight, and twelve LCD displays, respectively.

2x2 Portable Video Wall

2×2 SMD

4x2 Portable Video Wall

4×2 SMD

6x2 Portable Video Wall

6×2 SMD

Scalable Mobile Display

The Scalable Mobile Display (SMD) is a high-resolution, portable video wall system perfect for applications where a video wall is moved occasionally between sites. Available in 2×2, 4×2, and 6×2 configurations, the SMD is packed into the provided ruggedized cases for transport.