Catoma® – Switchblade® Mortar Assistant Gunner Pack Kit

During testing for the MAG Pack, a need was identified to expand the offering to other heavy weapons teams. The M224 mortar team was the next to receive a solution. We designed a simple and effective pouch for carrying the mortar rounds, and just like that, a solution was in sight. Making it efficient to carry with the versatile MOLLE panel was not difficult. Paired with the Switchblade Raid Pack, the system quickly became an ideal solution for mortar teams. The simple, flat design of the pouches allows for them to be stacked, allowing the teams to decide how many rounds to carry for a particular mission. Additionally, the inherent strength and versatility of the MOLLE Panel allows teams to also carry the mortar cannon itself, even offering the ability to fire the 224 without dismounting it from the pack. To take this idea one step further, the system was even tested against the 81mm mortar of the M252 teams, and, without a hitch, the modularity of the Switchblade System shined through again, carrying the cannon, bipod, and ammo for the Gunner, AG, and the Ammo bearer respectively.


Molle Panel
Pair of WR Straps
(2) Small Munitions Pouches
Raid Pack