Catoma® – Switchblade® MOLLE Panel Kit

Catoma’s carriage systems for heavy weapons is made possible by the workhorse MOLLE panel. However, the MOLLE Panel is not limited to weapons and ammo carriage. It can be combined with practically any MOLLE attachment system or pouches to carry practically any load. When stacked with the other components of the Switchblade System, the MOLLE panel becomes one of the most modular load carriage items ever designed. Due to its versatile nature, the MOLLE Panel had to be overbuilt. The rigid fiberglass stays, Ripforce™ reinforcement points, and rugged Cordura outer material make this a backbone component the user can build onto with confidence.


Weight: 2.5 lbs. // 1.1 kg
Weight w/ Frameset: 5.5 lbs // 2.5 kg
Dimensions: 13” x 22” // 33 x 56 cm