Since my retirement from the Marine Corps in 2004, Quantico Tactical has operated its retail storefront, web sales and government operations as one company – Quantico Tactical.   After fourteen years, I have come to the conclusion that we can better serve all of our customers by having two companies; one focused solely on retail and web customers and a second specializing only on providing equipment and logistics solutions to government customers.

Our Retail Stores & Web Sales is now Proven Arms & OutfittersProven Arms & Outfitters will start out with the same excellent selection of weapons and gear we currently offer and will expand into new categories over time.

Quantico Tactical will now focus solely on providing equipment and logistics solutions to military, federal agencies, state/local law enforcement and private security.  We will maintain our same team and continue to provide exceptional customer service, value and on-time delivery.

Please note that extensive planning has gone into the separation of the two companies.  All outstanding orders were transferred to the appropriate company and will be filled as items arrive.

To all of our customers, I want to take this time to thank you for your business through the years.  Whether a retail or government customer, you can Count On More.

Semper Fi,

David Hensley
Major US Marine Corps (Ret)
Founder & CEO – Quantico Tactical / Proven Arms & Outfitters