Quantico Tactical is pleased to announce the award of up to $950,000,000 as part of the United States Air Force Special Warfare – Multiple Award Contract, SW-MAC, for the Special Warfare Acquisition Group and Refresh (SWAGR) program.  The contract was approved by the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center to provide a convenient contract vehicle for Air Force Special Warfare.

“We have an extensive history of supporting the U.S. Air Force with our rapid and simplified procurement processes,” said Sam Lerman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.  “This contract award demonstrates our unwavering customer commitment and support for the varying mission requirements within Air Force Special Warfare.”

“This contract award is a result of the reputation Quantico Tactical has developed throughout the U.S. Military and federal agencies for providing on-time worldwide delivery of high-quality products from leading manufacturers.  We value our relationships with customers, suppliers, and contracting professionals,” said David Hensley, Founder and CEO.

The contract is a 10-year Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) award to provide equipment, training, and product support to approximately 3,500 Air Force Special Warfare operators, as well as authorized users in support of Special Warfare mission requirements.  The contract’s overall objective is to rapidly procure supplies, provide supply chain management, product training, and support, and integrate into larger systems in support of mission requirements.

This contract provides support in the following areas:

Assault Zones (AZ): Capabilities supporting tactical zones of action, including drop zones and fixed-wing and rotary-wing landing zones supporting the forward projection of a force by air.  AZ capabilities to be equipped under this contract include survey equipment for data collection and analysis, assessment of runway surface distress, and airfield geometrics to include obstacles and approach paths.  Also required is airfield control equipment, including airfield markings/lighting, signaling devices, airspace de-confliction tools, and navigational aids.

Fires: Equipping operators for close air support, surface-based and air-to-surface fires, communications architecture, weapons data, digital fire support, and target designation and marking.  For the contract’s purposes, this may include support to ACC-assigned Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC)s.

Weather: Equipping operators to collect, analyze, tailor, and report critical meteorological and oceanographic information.  Additional capabilities include environment analysis and forecasting, vertical atmospheric data collection, processing externally produced weather data, portable environmental observation, and unattended ground-based weather collection.

Personnel Recovery (PR): Equipping Pararescue Jumpers to prepare, recover, and reintegrate isolated personnel.  PR capabilities include, but are not limited to, PR information management, locating survivors, rescue and recovery tools, analyzing environmental conditions, mass casualty management, recovery support, and reintegration.  For the contract’s purposes, this includes the Guardian Angle Mission.

Enabling Capabilities: Common across all mission sets and career fields; include mission management, friendly force detection, geo-locating and range finding, visual augmentation, communications, unmanned capabilities, infiltration/exfiltration, and enhanced training.